What’s going on! I am 31 years (Young) and recently EVERYTHING has seemed to annoy me. Is this the case of the Old Man’s Fart? You know the one that comes around again & again.

No matter if it is watching a movie or listening to music. EVERYTHING seems to be getting on my nerves.

We recently took the plunge to get NOW TV* and guess what? I am already bored of it. Yes we watched the new Tarzan movie (on SKY*) in 3d. Perfect you think right? Loads of action, great actors AMAZING SFX, Nope not me. Was happy enough to sit and have a cuppa (with my feet up of course).

Alisha, Dylan & Becca all really enjoyed it. The main part i did like was the crocodiles eating that stupid idiot at the end (Sorry for the spoilers) and some funny quotes from Samuel L Jackson.

Music at the moment seems to annoy the Holy Shit out of me as well, either the singers are not in tune or they keep repeating what they say. Take Rhianna, How many times does she have to say WORK? Does the sod have a medical issues that means she repeats herself or maybe she is an annoying shit that cant think of any new words. Either way she needs to sort her shit out. Rhianna is not the only “Artist” That repeats herself there are MANY others. Just hers came to mind.

Another thing about everyone at the moment that is REALLY annoying. Do celebrities not wear any clothes because they refuse to pop to ASDA and pick up a £3 t shirt or maybe because no one will pay for sponsorship. Honestly there are more 6 packs in movies nowadays than Budweisers in the world. We know you have a great body but come on i doubt you will be walking around Jaywick in the middle of the day without one on.

Who knows maybe this is a phase? Maybe just more sleep is needed?

Have you had the same situation? Let me know below 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Turning into an old man! What is going on?

    • Kris Richens says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE movies usually, Just recently I seem to have just got a bit bored of the same stories being told again and again 🙂

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