Being a parent it’s always a scary thing to think that when you need help who can?

Well first thank you for reading this. Really means a huge deal. Here is why we are fundraising. Please note the cost of the extra’s we will cover. It is just the frame per say.

Alisha Louise Richens was born 18/10/2006. Alisha was admitted into special care as she could not be fed at birth.

At 6 Months old Alisha had a visit from her health visitor who advised us to go and see a Paediatric consultant. 2 Months later we went to see Alisha’s consultant who confirmed that Alisha had Scoliosis by sending her for an X-Ray and an MRI scan. Since then we have been to various doctors and we found out in may 2009 that Alisha had to have an operation at the University Hospital of Wales. We were asked to Llandough hospital on the 21/01/10.

Upon arrival Alisha’s Doctors & Surgeon’s confirmed that Alisha’s Spine had got worse and within 2 months she had the operation Alisha was admitted on a Wednesday 28th April and the operation was on the same Friday (30th). After a 9 hour operation we were allowed to see Alisha.

Alisha had the operation and 2 medical drains inserted. After day 5 the drains were taken out. (4th may). Alisha had swabs taken for MRSA Before surgery and after surgery. Whilst in theater she contracted MRSA in her throat (Breathing tubes were to blame). We were contained in a room for a few weeks.

We were then sent home with dressing on the wounds on 7th of may with a community nurse attending the home to change the dressings. When we were at home we caught sickness and diarrhoea so the nurse did not attend until the following Tuesday, she then checked the top wound and bottom wound but was shocked to find an infection in the top wound after she took the stitches off. She phoned through to Cardiff hospital they said to bring in Alisha 12th may10am to see the doctors. She said they would probably send Alisha home with Antibiotics, however that was not the case. We were told that she had to go for surgery on Friday the 14th for an emergency wound wash out. We were all devastated. Alisha went for the operation on the Friday and came back with a clear plastic dressing on the bottom wound and skin coloured padding on the top with proper stitches in.

We noticed a little lump on the bottom wound when she came back, we were told that there was nothing wrong it was just the rods. It turned out to be another infection (28th may). Alisha then had to go back into theater for another spinal washout where they removed the top stitches and put proper ones on the bottom. Alisha was on Teicoplanin for around 26days and Tazocin for a week before Alisha was discharged on the 4th of June. Alisha continued with the Teicoplanin and had to go back and forth to hospital every day around the 10th of June Alisha contracted chicken pox which was also caught from the hopital. The hospital started to put into place arrangements for a nurse to come to the house, but they could not sort it out until Monday 20th June. 

In-between this we went back to Llandough to see the consultant. They took the stitches out of the bottom wound and left the both dry (No dressings). He originally said Alisha could go home with oral antibiotics then he called microbiology. They said to continue the IV Teicoplanin for 4 weeks. 24th June Alisha went for an appointment to see Mr Howes, he felt her wounds and he said they looked great. Alisha had to Finnish the course of Teicoplanin for 2 weeks until the 7thjuly then go back to Llandough to see Mr Howes for a check up.

Alisha has had a few more operations since this and has had a positive outcome on all the operations. Alisha was awarded the Child Of Courage Award 2010 by the Llanelli Star because of her illness.

We did fundraise successfully back in 2014/5 to get an operation for magic extendable rods and we did reach a considrable amount of press and media coverage. It was successful and in  2015 Alisha had her spinal operation and it was once again very successful.

Now we are looking to raise 3000 for a custom wheelchair because the spinal rods are too heavy causing her body to lean forward and causing strain and pain on the back of her legs as well as her spine. Our daughter’s skin is really thin and we can feel the rods in her spine and we want her to be comfortable whilst being out of the house.

We need the funds as soon as possible because every day is a struggle and walking is very hard for her.

We usually hire a wheelchair when needed via a charity, however a few times where we need the wheelchair in an emergency, we have been unsuccessful and unable to hire one.

We are looking for a Glight Pro self propelled Wheelchair. However after talking to many different retailers, we have been told to expect the price to reach over £300 due to the additional support and extra’s that our daughter needs for her wheelchair.

Another reason we are looking at a Glight Pro self propelled Wheelchair is because It is the lightest wheelchair and folds to a small size which is perfect for our vehichle as we do not have a boot that is suitable for bigger wheelchairs.

If you can help in any way please check out the GOfundMe Page:

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