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Clamping down on Disabled and Parent & Child space huggers!

Ever driven to the shop to get some milk and other little things when you see a space, then boom 💥 some class one numpty takes it. To put fire on the would, they get out. No blue badge or children with them and go and spend hours and hours, scouring the shop… Well this […]

October | ‪Birthday countdown for our princess (18th of October) Oh but First the matter of a Spinal operation‬

Goodness me. What a rocky few months it has been. We have kept this one in the bag for a few months (since March). But it seems ‘Princesses Spinal system’ has only gone and broken. We went to the hospital as per. Daddy parks the car and mammy (Yes it is spelled right, I am […]

LC2 Swansea (Review)

Hey Bloggers, The summer holidays have started with a splash at LC2 (Swansea). Alisha & Dylan were surprised as Becca picked them up from school at 1pm and we went straight to the Waterpark. We got into the pool and wow what a great feeling. There were a lot of people but that didn’t matter […]

May Bank Holiday’s are here! Our Plans

Hey Bloggers, This weekend is another bank holiday and with family we are going to have a great time. Relaxing and Watching Sky Cinema*. We do love a great movie. Not fussed on the new Xmen movie. Once again probably because i am an old fart. But one thing i do know is as of now, […]

Some bad news at the hospital today for our daughter!

Our princess has a spinal condition (Kyphoscoliosis) and we have been told today there is an issue with her spinal rods! One side has seemed to have stopped working properly and now we are due to go back soon for a scan to find out the issue. This is very distressing for our daughter as she’s […]

Our daughter needs help. Can you please help by a small donation?

Being a parent it’s always a scary thing to think that when you need help who can? Well first thank you for reading this. Really means a huge deal. Here is why we are fundraising. Please note the cost of the extra’s we will cover. It is just the frame per say. Alisha Louise Richens […]

Happy Mothers Day!

Today is Mothers Day and here is a huge Happy Mothers Day to everyone! Today hugs and presents are shared alike and