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Clamping down on Disabled and Parent & Child space huggers!

Ever driven to the shop to get some milk and other little things when you see a space, then boom 💥 some class one numpty takes it. To put fire on the would, they get out. No blue badge or children with them and go and spend hours and hours, scouring the shop… Well this […]

May Bank Holiday’s are here! Our Plans

Hey Bloggers, This weekend is another bank holiday and with family we are going to have a great time. Relaxing and Watching Sky¬†Cinema*. We do love a great movie. Not fussed on the new Xmen movie. Once again probably because i am an old fart. But one thing i do know is as of now, […]

Some bad news at the hospital today for our daughter!

Our princess has a spinal condition (Kyphoscoliosis)¬†and we have been told today there is an issue with her spinal rods! One side has seemed to have stopped working properly and now we are due to go back soon for a scan to find out the issue. This is very distressing for our daughter as she’s […]

My New Blog Look

My goodness, I think i was going through some weird stage when I set my blog up again after the bad hack that caused me to destroy 5 years of blog posts. Maybe it was anger? But my blog went a dark shade of black and yellow. It looked like it had been swallowed then […]

When We Visited Alton Towers with the Roller-coaster Restaraunt

Alton Towers is an amazing Day out for EVERYONE. No matter what your abilities or limitations. For us it was amazing to see the 4D cinema. Yes there is a 4D Cinema within Alton Towers. They show Ice Age. Being in the surrounding landscapes of this amazing Castle you can feel the pride of the […]

Review – Chessington World of Adventures Safari Hotel

We took the plunge! We stayed in a Safari room overlooking the Wanyama village. Driving up the path to the hotel is magical. You get the feeling of being in a Safari with Safari memorabilia everywhere. Not expecting too much upon arrival we checked in to pure luxury. The feel of the hotel was amazing. […]

Eating at a buffet. Too much for your money?

Over the weekend we unfortunately landed up in some buffets. Totally unavoidable because that was basically breakfast. It was Wiggles 8th birthday and the open of Chessington World of Adventures and breakfast was a buffet at the resort hotel. Eating REALLY good for months has seriously helped me loose some weight. Pretty happy about that, […]

Why I don’t use a national flag towel #BeingaDad

Howdy! Recently I have been thinking. Yes it did hurt! Anyways, I love patriotism by all means. You should be happy and feel some love towards your home country. National Patriotism is not celebrated enough, think of all them disgusting people who have done bad things over the years to national monuments. That in itself […]