Becca made a special curry today. The sauce consisted of some amazing foods that you think would not go. But they did VERY well!


  • Mushy Pea’s
  • Tin of Baked Beans
  • Tinned Tomatoes
  • Mild Curry Powder

Simply place them in a blender, Let them heat up and add a chicken breast then some low calorie pasta!

Add a grilled chicken (Diced) to the sauce (We used 3 for 4 people).


Becca added some veg (not included in the calories listed here)

Serve and enjoy the 1864 calorie meal. Yes even though this sounds alarming, Bearing in mind that we seperated the meal into 4 portions, 2 adult portions and then 2 children portions. There was plenty there to eat.

If you are going to dish this out then remember, if you are on a Syn diet then this is a Syn Free Diet.


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