Howdy Folks,

Hope you are all well? We decided to take a family trip to London for Becca’s 30th birthday, Boy oh Boy did we enjoy!

First at formost if you are going to london expect to see a LOT of people (don’t forget to pop to Wandsworth Shopmobility to get a chair)

We were treated like royalty. Honestly we were. We checked into the Plaza Westminister and just WOW! There was no other words to explain. There was a mini cake with a “Happy Birthday” written on it:

WOW Look at that! The staff made it and delivered it before we got there.

We only stayed for the one night and we absolutely loved it!

The hotel is a prime location for central London locations including:

Shreks Adventure*

Sealife London

Big Ben

House of Commons

London Eye & Much more!

The overground is just across the road and the tube is just across the road as well.

If you would like to celebrate and stay in style then this hotel is the best hotel we have stayed in whilst in London.

(Please note this is NOT a sponsored post)

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