Our princess has a spinal condition (Kyphoscoliosis) and we have been told today there is an issue with her spinal rods!

One side has seemed to have stopped working properly and now we are due to go back soon for a scan to find out the issue. This is very distressing for our daughter as she’s already been through enough already.

We just have to wait now for a confirmation date for the next appointment which we will get the decision then as to what can be done to help her.

The spinal team are always so supportive at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. This is a major setback to all that has been done good for Alisha.

Just have to wait now for an appointment and unfortunately they couldn’t book an appointment there and then.

Now I know I have posted this a couple weeks ago on my blog. However we are campaigning to try and get our daughter a wheelchair.

Obviously we will fork the bill for the rest of the accessories and everything is just basic chair that we are fundraising for at the moment. If you think that you guys can help somehow via social media or just spreading the word then please is there any chance that you could share this post and will try and get Alisha a wheelchair soon as possible. We are really hoping to try and get one before the six week summer holidays. We have no timescales as to what’s happening.

The British Red Cross have helped provide temp wheelchair access in the past that has been BRILLIANT. Now it i.

So – Finally we are home from the hospital It has all Kicked in and now we HAVE to find the additional funds for Alisha’s Wheelchair.

What happened today at the hospital?

Alisha’s Surgeon was in the room to do the scan when he pulled Becca (Mum) to one side to tell her that Alisha’s back is currently not expanding one side causing mayhem and distress on Alisha’s back.

The next appointment will involve a MRI scan to find out if the extent of the rod’s location and deepness as to where the screws are.

At the moment Alisha has to remove herself from a lot more things than usual.

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