I love the above vegetables. They are the best in the world. I do honestly believe that. I love having trees on my plate 😂.

But since my operation I am not allowed green items including peas (I kind of stumbled I know) but Becca makes the best peas around (mushy that is).

Being on the medication that I am on that the moment it’s very hard for me to not enjoy the thing listed above.

I am not allowed greenies because the content of vitamin K inside green vegetables and fruit is very high and I have to keep vitamin K AKA potassium very very low level.

At Christmas time I think everyone should have sprouts specially soft succulent soggy ones. I’m not really into having hard ones Christmas time that’s another story for another time.

So that’s the reason why the items above listed being limiting to three items per trolley does not affect me in any way, shape or form.

Thanks for reading have a nice day. 

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