Why is there so much discrimination within this world when it is obvious that some things aren’t what they seem? Today’s blog is about being disabled and being discriminated against. 

I know you’re probably thinking that this is all about Donald J Trump however it’s not this is all about disabled people and the struggle but sometimes comes along when you look like an average whatever that means able-bodied person.

So I’d like to just tell you little story that happened back in 2011 before I got ill. I daughter has been having spinal operation since she was three years old which is roughly around seven years now and she has a curvature of the spine and lung issues.

We park up at the local grocery store we get out of the car there was four of us two adults one child and one baby.

I got out of the car my side my wife got of the car her side I got my son out from my side and Becca of got our daughter out from her side I got the buggy from the boat to put the car seat in the buggy getting ready to go shopping because we needed to get some nappies, wipes and clothes.

I put up the blue disabled badge in the window with the correct time and made sure it was legal. When all of a sudden a man walked over towards me and he said to me you should not park there there is nothing wrong with year so yes I replied no there’s nothing wrong with me however I daughters has the spinal condition where she is in and out of hospital.

The man looked at me in disgust and said every child should not be eligible for a disabled badge they’ve done nothing to contribute to the society. Feeling so angry and right now I decided just to walk away otherwise there would’ve been a massive brawl in the middle of a carpark.

Thinking back maybe I should’ve asked him how he was able to do a full shop around Asda and when he is meant to be disabled.

To this day this story will stay my mind because it’s reminds me but no matter how old you are or how young you are if you’re not well and you have a physical condition that affects your health then there’s nothing you can do about it and you just have to get on with it and I think maybe certain people who have this feeling that only elderly people should be entitled to a blue badge should maybe go on a course of some sort and understands that children can be disabled young people can be the disabled middle-aged people can be disabled it doesn’t matter who you are at the end of the day disabilities don’t discriminate whereas the human race I believe sometimes lets down humanity.

Thanks for reading my little story I have another one about when we took our daughter shopping. I’ll get round to doing that one very soon

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