When We Visited Alton Towers with the Roller-coaster Restaraunt

Alton Towers is an amazing Day out for EVERYONE. No matter what your abilities or limitations. For us it was amazing to see the 4D cinema.

Yes there is a 4D Cinema within Alton Towers. They show Ice Age.

Being in the surrounding landscapes of this amazing Castle you can feel the pride of the gardens and land around.
With so many different things to see and do, there is something for EVERYONE. One of my favorite things is riding the Sky Cars. Yes you are in a pod and gently breeze over the Gardens with an audio history that does include Banana’s.
I do have to admit you either need an electric scooter or someone with strong arms to get you around the park if you are in a wheelchair. There is such a massive amount of land to cover the latter most probably would be the best if possible.

Roller Coaster Restaurant
So being foodies we decided to visit the Roller Coaster Restaurant.
What an amazing feel to ordering food. There are 4 seats on a pod with 4 pods connected. In the middle there is all the cutlery/crockery and accessories that you need to enjoy your food.

We ordered 4 Burgers & Chips. With some refreshing cold drinks. To our amazement they were ALL delivered on the Roller Coaster (Apart from 2 hot chocolates that were hand delivered).
All so simple. You are given a tablet that is linked to the table. You are then given 4 numbers 1-2-3-4 So if someone sitting in seat 1 wanted a drink they could order and it would be sent down the coaster to them etc.
The food was Mediocre. Nothing much that you could expect from an outlet at the Park. Oh i do have to mention the buns are bigger than the patties (about 4 times the size). If you like roll’s then that is fine.
One more little gripe was the fact that when the chips are ordered there is no stating that they were flavored (Adult ones).
Apart from that the Restaurant is really nice.

It is Really Exciting and I wish I could go on some of the rides. But never mind I done that in my late teens

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