Weightloss & I’m Loving it (No McDonalds in sight By the Way). This week’s blog overview

The past week has been a rollercoaster. As some of you know I am a MASSIVE fan ofWWE Live events. (Not that i go to them) But this week We watched the WWE Royal Rumble and loved it (Once again another post another time…). We spend a lot of time at home (due to my illness) and we get a Tesco Delivery on a tuesday. Becca answers the door and unboxes the crates and I just sit there looking pretty (Well i try i suppose). We also have been watching boxsets of Ghost Adventures (Available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ghost-Adventures-Groff-Goodwin-Bagans/dp/B00EJ4POWM).

We also have been fixated on Fortitude (Available on SKYVirgin & Talk Talk). I am wondering if to give away spoilers about Dan, Is he a monster or… Maybe not. Just watch it. If you have not seen season one then watch that first. It makes season 2 more understandable. Make sure you have a free schedule because you are certainly not going to want to sleep until you see the complete season. By then you are still not going to want to sleep as in a warped amazing way the show is brilliant!

Our Children are doing amazing in school at the moment. Our son is going to Football club and wants to be the next Lionel Messi. Yes he actually said that. He is making amazing progress in football. He plays football with his Mama at home.

As a Dad it is hard not being able to play football with your son. But at least I can cheer him on when at all possible.

Our Daughter goes To a club once a week as well. Due to her illness there are activities and all sports are out of the question, She also is restricted on things.

So what else have we been up to this week? I can honestly say nothing much.

So what is with the weight loss?


I am not allowed to do any physical excercise so basicly I need to sleep a lot and eat less. I am now back in the 17stones again. (Yes it is a mile away from before however you cannot get to them miles without kilometers, right?) Today’s weight is 17 stone 11lbs! Not bad as I was (Drum roll please…..) 18 stone 7! YUP.

So now I need to concentrate on my food a little more and eat better foods like I am at the moment (Saying that as Becca goes out the kitchen to cut up a pizza… #JustSaying).

There we have it folkes. I will be back again Soon

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