Visit to the Hospital today 120 miles of pure fun! We got a diagnosis!


Parenting is such a worry sometimes. Especially when it comes to random hospital appointments. Just a few weeks ago we had a letter delivered from our daughter’s hospital randomly asking for us to visit the hospital. No explanation and no one at the appointment center could account for the reason of the visit. So we were completely blindsided and baffled as to why they wanted to go to the hospital.

You see our daughter has a spinal problem. Her back is curved and her rib cage is protruding out of her back.

So off we pop. Drop our son off at school early as the appointment is at 10:15 am. 60 miles away. We always are trying to get there just in time but usually the appointment is at 10:30, Today for some reason the traffic was non existent and we were lucky enough to get there at just 10 past!

With 20 minutes to spare we decided to have a drink and me being super naughty fancied a bacon roll. (YUM!).

Whilst we were waiting obviously this appointment had been in our minds for a little while so we were pondering as to why the Consultant/Surgeon wanted to see our daughter.

Scratching our heads (My Bald one of course):

One plus of the hospital is the coffee from Aroma! The hospital serve this amazing coffee. The only issue i have is the Large coffee is not that large. The size of a regular I would say. But the coffee’s make up for the size though.

We met a regular play therapist that our daughter had met years ago and grew up with whilst in hospital. Our daughter has spent a lot of time in the past at that hospital and ever day of recovery usually means a day of fun at the hospital.

At the hospital we were handed this:

There is a Teddy Bear Picnic at the SSE Swalec Stadium –

Join us for a day of fun at the SSE SWALEC Stadium in Cardiff this March the 25th.  We’ve got all the ingredients for the perfect picnic, including a delicious packed lunch, music and entertainment.  And just like last year, we’ll be joined by a few special surprise guests. Proceeds raised from the event will support the 73,000 children treated at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales each and every year.

The picnic and entertainment are included in the provided in the price of your ticket.

Purchase your tickets below and we’ll send them out to you by post or give us a call on 029 2184 7310.

First of all our daughter was called for a Scoliogram (Specialist Xray on her spine). Obviously this takes a lot of time to do and with waiting times etc.

Coming back to the Canteen, Our daughter seen “Poppy” from the Trolls (Available on Dvd) and Strawberry from “Shopkins

This brightened her day up because we have not seen it yet, But late last year the school, the children go to took them to the local Cinema to see it. We just have not got around to buying the movie YET, we will. There are a few movies that we would love to see and that is one of them.

Next stop was to see the surgeon/consultant. With dread we were told that even though our daughter’s legs hurt the problem is with the spinal rods inside her back mean that she leans forward causing pain in her legs that is the reason as to why her calves hurt. FINALLY we know now why! The appointment was a quick 5 minute appointment.

We left and then had a lovely Subway to celebrate the appointment! Even though our daughters legs and back hurt. We finally got a diagnosis!

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