That’s a Wrap! Nope nothing to do with the Grammys! Pure Food


Today we fancied something with a bit of a kick to it (Cheese that is). Becca Saute’d some mushrooms, put some cheese in with the mushrooms, cooked together with NO OIL in a pan with some bacon (Medallions that is).

In the Breville was a juicy steak (Plain for me, flavoured for Becca).

Out came the steak. Becca chopped it into pieces and placed them inside a tortilla wrap with the cheesy bacon & mushrooms.

I forgot to get a photo. Was too busy eating it. Never mind maybe next time.

Now time to watch the WWE Network as Elimination Chamber was on late last night/this morning.

Join now for  free month – £9.99 a month afterwards – 🙂

Image result for wwe network logo


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