That time I was in the store. I dropped 20p and the old lady behind threatened to call the cops. 

Now this is a real story and a half, back in 2009 I went to the corner store to get bread, milk, chocolate biscuits and some other small items. 

So I walked in very casually and I spoke to the owner of the store as over the years we build up a good rapport and I picked up a basket started walking round the shop I picked up the milk carefully went over to pick up the bread and the eggs on toast so I’ve remembered I needed to get chocolate biscuits, but I’m not sure as I needed to get.

After being in the shop for around five minutes and having a good old chat with the owner it was time to pay. I accidentally forgot my wallet and I had left in the car outside.

So I left the items in the shop walk to the car which is not far at all got in the car pick up my wallet in my pocket walked into the shop and I forgot something I think it might of been some ham. So what do I do I go and get ham. 

We were on a very tight budget living day today penny to Penny it’s every day was a struggle both financially and emotionally. We had a newborn baby and a little two year old.

They have always been fed watered and homes. Like any decent parent would do you make sure that their comfort came before as and it still like that to this day and it will be forever and ever.

By the time I got back to the till the attendant was talking to this dear old lady I believe she’s been a local and had lived in the area for around 30 to 40 years.  Kind of like a veteran to the area you know that person that everybody knows and she knows everybody as well as their business.

Mr Richens she said to me. Now personally I have never ever met this person in my life that is the gods honest truth. So I turned around as I was being nosy on my phone as you do and there is this old lady looking excited like she just won the lottery. Thinking back I think she did win a little something but that’s not the point. As I turned around my wallet it opened and a few pounds and a few pence had fallen out. Going to pick up these items the lady looked down at me and said that is my 20p. Looking back now how drastic all this because of 20p. 

So I said to this lady calmly and politely sorry I think you got a little mistaken that is actually my 20p out of my wallet, she scowled angrily at me and that sweet old lady face turned into a proper snout pout. It’s like as though I had released the inner Demon within her just by dropping my 20p.

She bent down looking furiously angry at me and said if you pick up a 20p I’m going to call the police and have you arrested for theft. I questioned the owner of the shop about this at the time and he simply just brushed it off. 

The store owner towels me to take the items and come back a bit later when the lady had left. So that’s why I did I left the shop calmly politely gracefully and continued home.

From that day to this some old lady took my 20p and yet at the time 20p seemed and felt like £20. I’m not here to this day seeing this woman sends as we move from the area rhino that she is there somewhere. 

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