Shaming Mobile Phone providers taking advantage of the average phone user

Mobile phones are pretty cool right? After all you pay for the phone (even if they say it’s free). You would think that’s it right?

What would you say if I told you that carrier settings also include making the company potentially MILLIONS.

This is what I have found.

I opened Settings

Then I was looking to disable vibration so the next step I took was opening the phone tab 

Seen that all of the above obviously doesn’t made the carrier money YET!

At the bottom I seen the EE tab, being curious I pressed it and all I seen was this:

Pretty harmless right? Advising the best tabs for you including Amazon & Dominos. Looks good right? 

Let’s try Argos. Oh wait a minute I forgot to release my finger and now this comes up.

That my friend is an affiliate link. If you are unsure what an affiliate is, they are companies that pay companies for clicking on links and  when you buy something they get a percentage of the sale (usually between 2/4%).

So isn’t that a little sneaky? Having quick tabs that are all affiliate links.

Thanks for reading 📖. 

On a personal note, I use Affiliate links as you can see. However rather than using awin….  or tkqlhce my links are always the pure links. Check this out that is because the affiliate program I use convert all links. This is disclosed on EVERY page where you see the Skimlinks button

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