Rushing to get home today for a spot on Heart radio

This morning turned into a right rush, but for all the good reasons.

Leaving the home for the school run sounded fun. You check Social Media, post one or two things then go to drop the children off to school. I accidently posted Becca’s video to a radio station host after he asked if anyone had played Jibber Jabber. Then i completley forgot about it.

Roll on 20 mins and Becca’s phone beeps (We share a Facebook account). It was The host from Heart Wales Radio, asking if Becca was up for a game?

Becca LOVES GAMES! So the answer was most definatly.

Rushing up the school to get the children in class, Becca got back in the car and drove swiftly home to find Speak Out 

The phone rings and Becca has been rehearsing… It was The Breakfast Duo – Jagger & Woody they talked through what was going to happen. Becca was excited and put the mouth piece in her mouth.

After saying the line, the two guys tried to guess. You will have to tune in (Will post on Social when we know what date it is on the radio). Did they get it right? You will have to listen to find out.

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