Review – Chessington World of Adventures Safari Hotel

We took the plunge! We stayed in a Safari room overlooking the Wanyama village.

Driving up the path to the hotel is magical. You get the feeling of being in a Safari with Safari memorabilia everywhere.

Not expecting too much upon arrival we checked in to pure luxury. The feel of the hotel was amazing. There was loads of room at check in and there was even a dragon waiting on everyone’s arrival.

Just as you enter you will see this magnificent piece of art in front of you. To the left there is reception and the dragon is in a secured area. Just behind him there is a games/DVD area with bean bags.

As you can see the lifts/elevators are placed behind the giraffe. Then behind that is the Zufari restaurant/breakfast area with a small gift shop on the left.

Upon check in we were issued our passes for Saturdays entry to Chessington after showing our passes. We were then given our room passes which were the usual key cards but with this design:

Off we go to our room and relax for a bit. Entering the room the design and feel was more of an Asian feeling with Eastern European tinge. There were two single beds with a tv in a small cove area, then the bathroom followed by a king size bed (they said king, but I thought idmtvwas more of a super king) with an additional tv.

Usually room entertainment just involves freeview with subtitles. But this is not the case at Chessington. The TV’s have encrypted Android boxes on them that turn them into smart monitors/TV’s with access to your bill, room service details as well as numerous games including Angry Birds.

The restarting is ever so nice but a little on the pricey side of things. But then again you are staying onsite Donne prepared to pay for the privilege just like everywhere else.

I had the Beef Skewer with chips. My goodness usually I have my meat burnt to a crisp. However only here will I have it medium well done.

The skewer alone was a massive size and they even have to hang them on a metal rod. Pure genius and cooked to perfection:

PS The wine is not mine 😀. I found two mushrooms on that stick and I devoured it and would do again. It was phenomenal. It cost £22 for the meal but my goodness what a meal it was.

We all are sufficiently and we all enjoyed the experience of eating at the Zafari restaurant. We would do it again.

Just outside the hotel the staff usually put on shows and events talking about animals all throughout the day as seen here:

The morning breakfast was nice. It was basic I. The Zafari restaurant but that was because the other one was not open on Saturday and one restaurant was serving two hotels. The food was cold and there was lots of waiting in line for food (which becca got for me).

We had one lunch at the Temple Restaurant which was a full scale buffet and the staff sang and bought out a little candle for Wiggles 8th birthday. The price there was £29.50 for two adults and two children. The range of food there is astronomical. Including kale through to burgers and chicken.

Would I stay here again? Most definitely. Plus at the right time of year you can book a night for £79 on their website.

This is my first ever proper review could I have done better? Let me know 😁

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