Poor Mr Wiggles

So today the plan of action was to get the children to school and then come home and watch a bit of TV then go and pick them up.

So the first half of that when Rose moved they went to school this morning and then all of a sudden we have a telephone call. Is the school receptionist to tell us that Mr wiggles a.k.a. Our son has unfortunately been sick in school today.

So we rush back after school around 11 AM today to pick him up and there he is sitting on his Todd with the biggest brightest read this bucket i have ever seen.

Is face was as pale as a ghost and his tummy was ever so bad. On our way home he was sick once again luckily he had his red bucket with him.

Must’ve been something over the weekend that he had ate that obviously did not agree with him.

So now we are at the school Becca has gone to pick up Alisha as per normal and Dylan is in the car with me.

So unfortunately now for the next 72 hours Dylan has to miss school. 😖. Dylan really likes going to school so is going to miss his friends for the next couple of days.

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