Playing Family Games? Who wins do you decide?

Family games are here to stay! What are your thoughts?

For a few years now we have been playing Family games (as you can see via Instagram) and the older the children get the more they want to be competitive and win.

When they were younger it was all simple, you mess up with your cards and they win. However now they both are growing up very fast and playing games have become a little more difficult.

Knowing the the children are getting better sometimes can seem like the older you are getting the less you have control of the game.

Now don’t get me wrong, There are ways around this if you want to take the route. However being a neutral family we always try and make sure that we all win fairly. This does come with a lot of banter of course.

We decided to pull the reigns in a little recently as the children were becoming really good and they are becoming more of a challenge. Sometimes they are VERY competitive and become possessed (Only Joking).

So Who controls your family games? Do you still let the children win or maybe you want to win yourself and try your best to win.

Our children are 7 & 10 now. We started family games a few years ago and we still play today.

Let me know in the comments below who wins in your home.

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