I wrote a post ages ago regarding “Horsegate”. Yes that story that went worldwide about a family having horses and filming it being kicked.

Now according to them I am a “Money Grabbing Bastard”!

What a joke. The lot of them. This i think is the final nail in the coffin. There is no going back now. I have officially had enough. I am wiping my hands from the lot of them!

Back in November there was a story written in all the major newspapers about a girl whipping a horse and a man kicking the horse. I am sad to say that yes I am related to that lot. That’s where it ends. I will never forgive them and unfortunately anger got to me a few months ago when it happened and ultimately it has destroyed all family ties. My name and my families name were plastered through screen grabs so we had to unfriend them because we know a lot of people that have horses and were angry about the situation. Not only that but looking back, So was I! But me being me, I just let it go a little until they started spreading their web of lies to other family members, then causing a riff and now because i didn’t agree with everyone, I am the bad one.

Well to be honest I am giving up on my side of the family.

That post has now made me realise that in essence, I just don’t care any more.

I bet you right now someone from my family is reading this and you have two options:

  1. Carry on reading
  2. Stop reading and just leave!

Either option I just don’t care!

Being excluded and being called nasty names as an adult is still as hurtful as when it happens as a child, the only difference is when it is family members calling you money grabbing then you have to stop and think. Hmm MAYBE just maybe they are assholes and I HAVE NEVER SOLD A STORY to the newspapers. I could of easily and things could have got a lot worse.

I am no saint at all.

I have not let them down in the past, however corruption, lies, deceit and anger have got the better of all of us and now I am on my last tether.

I have stories that date back to my 18th birthday (My next post). Where NONE of them seen me, Everyone went on holiday and because we had NO MONEY we couldn’t go. Guess what though, these people who call me a MONEY GRABBING BASTARD. Use people for money all the time.

You can call me or text me to demand I remove this post. Guess what? No chance! You are more likely to find flying squirrels in the arctic than me delete this post. I don’t care who you are. This is staying!

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