Merlin Annual Pass… What Now?

We took the jump and bought a Merlin Annual Pass. Yippee. Now what?

Well seeing as We love to go places to see the children have fun. We can all get into the theme parks now without the worry of having to book tickets. Saving us probably a lot of money. Check out the link below for more information about the sale. It is ending midnight on tuesday.

The Merlin Annual Pass Sale is nearly over for this season.
The Merlin Annual Pass Sale is now on! Enjoy 12 incredible months exploring all of the magical worlds that we have to offer. Prices start from just £109pp
You can get yours from the following locations:

You can also buy them from ANY Sealife as well

Remember be careful where you book your passes from. That location will be your “Home Location”. So if you have any issues or problems you will need to visit that location/call them direct. There are also restrictions on the Standard Pass as to times and dates.

Ends Midnight Tuesday

So how does that sound? Fun right? Well lets wait and see. may need to get n electric scooter this year 😀

Do you have a Merlin Annual Pass? Are they worth it? Let me know

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