Living with an “Invisible” Disability 3 things that get my goat

So Guys & Gals,

Since 2012 my life has drastically changed. But looking ahead positively there are things that I can do and some things I can’t do. Having a “Hidden” Disability does usually mean a lot of mean comments and a lot of judging. These now I just forget and continue my day.

We have a daughter as well that has a “Hidden” Disability, Her’s however is spinal. We need to take her places in a wheelchair (Which we hire from the BHF quite a lot). Only last week did she go on a school trip to St Davids in a wheelchair (Alisha’s Teacher LOVES to push the wheelchair). They ended coming back from St Davids with a messy wheelchair as the wheels got stuck in the mud. Poor Becca was cleaning it before we returned it. Only to be told that they clean it anyways so there was no need to clean it.

I would just like to point out these 5 things are MY pet hates. Let me know below if you agree…

Lets start:

  • Radar Key: I have one due to my medication. I paid for one from the local council because unfortunately when I take my medicine, My body needs to be close to a toilet. Quite a random subject that should not be discussed on a Saturday afternoon. Some people think that you need to have a wheelchair to have one. This is NOT the case and if I need the loo in a hurry that option is ALWAYS open to me. I remember once going somewhere and there was a woman BANGING the door calling me all names saying that I am abusing the system because the door MUST have been open. This was not the case. I simply used my key.

  • Parking: I mentioned above regarding Alisha’s Disability, This however is an ever lasting issue that will not be fixed overnight and sometimes we need to park close to the store so Becca can get Alisha out so they can both go in a shop together. We have a Blue Badge so we can park closer, this is to make life easier. Eying up a Disabled parking space, I know that there will be comment, looks and hatred aimed at us. There usually is. I once parked up before 2011 with a Blue Badge and the gentleman (Using that word lightly), took it upon himself to act like a police officer. Demanding to see Alisha’s Badge. Upon denying this he took it upon himself to threaten me with the police as Alisha’s badge was “OBVIOUSLY” Stollen, as stupid as this sounds it did happen and we simply ignored him and just left the area.

Arrow, Direction, Wheelchair, Handicap

  • Theme Parks: Entering a theme park is an exciting time and the children love it. Even though a lot of rides are restricted we do try and do what we can. Nowadays using an electric scooter whilst Becca pushes Alisha we can turn up to a ride and in some places we can get a pass that allows us to get on the ride easier because of our disabilities. Not long ago, Alisha did not have a wheelchair for a few moments. There was a woman in front of us that looked at Becca in disgust. Not sure why, that was until Becca told me that the woman complained to her husband that Alisha should not be in the line as there was “Nothing” wrong with her, unlike the woman’s child who was in a wheelchair permanently. This obvously upset both Becca & Alisha. So Becca asked the woman what was wrong to which she replied “It’s just my face”. So Becca gently advised her that she should not look at people like they are rubbish.

There we go that are my 3 pet hates of a “Hidden” Disability. Do you have any stories? Share them Below. Thanks for reading.

Here are some handy links for you to have a peep at to see what extra help you can get if you are disabled.

BHF – Wheelchair Hire

Age  UK – Radar Key Info


Ride Access Pass

Free Carers Annual Passes are also available

Alton Towers* – Ride Access Pass

Free Carers Annual Passes are also available

Chessington* – Ride Access Pass

Free Carers Annual Passes are also available

Thorpe Park* – Ride Access Pass

Free Carers Annual Passes are also available

CEA Card – Free Carer Tickets to all your favourite movies (In the Cinema) –


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