Living with Endocarditis – Why it has changed my life

Living with Endocarditis has changed my life drastically and do you want to know why? If so please read on

Back in 2012 I had a problem with excess sweating and BO! Yup I stunk! That is true. No matter if I had 4/5 showers a day I would still smell like a sweat factory. The pores in my skin where so bad that even they started to turn infected.

So here is how the story goes:

I woke up one morning complaining of side cramps. My aching body was hurting from the side and I know I slept alright because as usual I awoke in a puddle. NO I DID NOT P*ss Myself. My body was prone to night sweats. So up I get. Get ready for the school run. Out of breath as usual blah blah.

Both me & Becca took the children to school. We then visited a relative and I could not stop sweating. We left to come home. Becca then IMMEDIATELY Called our GP to make me an appointment. They didn’t want to see me (surprise) and told Becca to call tomorrow as there were no more appointments. Being hesitant Becca DEMANDED an appointment. To which the receptionist put Becca on Hold and spoke to a GP who agreed to see me.

So off i PoP to the Doctors. Turn up in a really bad state. Sweating everywhere. The GP called a senior doctor in to see me because she was worried. The doctor then proceeded to demand that they call me an ambulance, to which I responded “No!” Not because I was rude but no one else knew what was happening. The first doctor advised me that her medical diagnosis was pneumonia at an advanced level, as i have A1AT they wanted me to be assessed at hospital and therefore wanted to call an ambulance. I refused once again and told them to call the hospital in advance and I would be down as soon as I could. So that is what they did.

Bearing this in mind, me at 22 1/2 stone (317.8 lbs/145KG) 5″5 and going bald, Sitting in my own Body Odour sweating and puffing for breath. I had no idea what was to come.

Off home i come to see and talk to Becca. By now my whole body was shutting down bit by bit (without me knowing). I came home and packed a day suitcase as i had a feeling that i would be in hospital for at least a night (for observations). Called a cab and that is where my journey to this life that i have now started. (The rest of the story will be another post).

Before this diagnosis i was on all different type of medication to help with my illnesses such as depression and asthma.

Image result for medical

Post op what have i learned?

Well the infection got so bad that i was confined to bed and my muscles have got so bad in my legs that I have problems walking. This is not the only part of my body that has been affected. Here is a little list of what has been affected since my operation.

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Feet
  • Head

So pretty much everything.

This has changed my life drastically. No more binge drinking (Even though i NEVER was one for drinking much). Being not able to walk far without hurting an extreme amount.

I am on so much medication, I am either awake all the time or asleep all the time. This is not fair on my family, however it is something that i cannot help. Moving an inch too quick causes a mass amount of pain and because of this I am on so much medication.

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that my local doctor’s surgery are now taking tests in the surgery instead of me traipsing to the hospital once, twice or even 3 times a week.

Things that some people take for granted IE drinking a coffee. Not long ago i had coffee and can you guess what happened? Yes my hand gave way and i spilt a full mug of coffee on my leg (Leaving a massive burn mark for life).

Life with Heart Failure is not always gloom though. Just remember that you are alive and that makes you!

Ciao for now Bloggers

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