If I was 15 #WhatIWouldITellA15YearOldMe ?

Howdy Bloggers,

Kris Here.

15 Years of age I had lost my parents, Struggling in school because I was different. The only way I knew to get along through the day was to A Laugh & B Make everyone else laugh.

15 Years old I was excluded from PE due to medical reasons, I could not seem to grasp the work that I was given so therefore I kind of rebelled against the school and some of the Children in the school.

Does this mean i was a “Bully”? NO! I only ever stood my ground. I was known throughout the school as a Joker and because of my teeth at the time I was known as Mowley!

So in a kind of way I was the one getting bullied, however being a child at the time I simply brushed it off. Some people to this day STILL call me Mowley. But growing up means to be honest I have been called worse in my 30 years of life

I was not “spotty” or the “geek”, To be honest I was just the class joker.


I would turn 16 and become a little more sensible.

This was not picked up until I was in College however I was diagnosed with a mild case of dyslexia. When I got to college I calmed down and met the mother of my children and my future wife. The rest is for another story another time.

Getting back to the subject. #WhatIWouldITellA15YearOldMe ? I would say, Look ahead to what will happen in the next 15 years. After all you never know what is coming. Don’t let people hold you back no matter if they are your family or friends. Only go and achieve your goals. Take your illness seriously and be the better man than you can be.

Some people will screw your life at certain times. Just let them go and become a stronger better man for it!

How life changes.

Looking forward to the next 15!

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