The guide to Fortitude season two. No Spoilers. 

What you will need to watch season two.

  • Time – and plenty of it
  • A decent pair of underwear ready for use
  • Sofa that is big enough for you to hide behind
  • Stiff drink
  • Some munchies
  • Move the TV close enough to the bathroom so that you can get there quick.
  • Strong stomach
  • Knowledge from season one.

The Plot:

If you’re already a fan of Sky Atlantic’s biggest original series, then you’ll have steeled yourself to the sight of a woman vomiting into her mother’s open stomach, or a swarm of parasitic wasps bursting out of someone’s face.

Round Fortitude way, that’s what they call “Wednesday”.

But kicking off this second season is a sight (or rather sound) that trumps the gore and horror of its predecessor within minutes – a wild-eyed maniac chomping down on a baby. Welcome back, Fortitude – we bloody missed you.

The Outcome

There are lots of twists and turns all through fortitude including Dennis Quaid loving his crabs. Lots of dead people, people eating other people. Love, Guts & Demons. True Demons as well.

Not everyone in fortitude is as they seem. With so many twists and turns who knows what is lurking behind the corner.

Don’t forget to bring your strong stomach with you when you watch fortitude as you will definitely need it.

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