Fulfilling one of my dreams. It has come true and I now can say I did it!

You most probably didn’t know my one goal in life that I have always had was to visit a special place and stay in that location.

Ok so ideally I would love to take the family to Orlando so they can do two things. One – See Harry Potter world at Universal Studios & secondly take them to see Disney (Son – Star Wars, Daughter – Princesses). However being a little selfish I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a city in the UK 🇬🇧 and finally we got around to do it!

The city in question is Manchester! Yes I have been to many other cities located in the UK, but as a personal goal I have always wanted to do Manchester.

Why? The reason behind it is quite a puzzle for both you and me. Personally I just wanted to go there. No official reason i have just wanted to visit for a really long time, now we had the chance to, I simply couldn’t turn down the opportunity to go.

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The journey took ages thanks to Doris! That bloody storm caused havoc on the roads. Trees fallen, debris on the roads. Workmen clearing up the mess. Being in the storm was both scary and fun. Scary as the car was shaking like goodness knows and the fun part was missing the surprise fallen tree on the road around the corner. We dlepy in Sale and had an amazing sleep to wake up the next day to scrummy food and a nice coffee.

Thanks for reading.


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