Ever wondered why Red Ink is not used in schools any more to mark school reports? Read here

Who remembers going into school, doing some tests, awaiting the results and worrying about what the results would be? Well nowadays children don’t need to have that fear.

Awaiting that distinctive red mark was either daunting or exciting depending on what type of student you were.

Me personally i was the Joker of the class. This was only noted AFTER I left school as I was advised that I DO need extra help with numbers and spelling (Believe it or not).

Yes academically I was not as gifted as others. I could not work to the schedule and I was given and work seemed like a long way from today is.

Red ink in school was like a duck to water when we were growing up. However after a Parent Evening at the school it was confirmed to Becca that the school does not use Red ink to mark homework or anything that the children misspell in school. When asked why the school teacher replied “Because red is a sign of danger and warning. We want the pupils not to feel disappointed or let down, therefore we mark in GREEN ink” Yes GREEN INK. It is a vibrant yet useful colour that everyone can relate to.


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