Ever wondered what being 22 stone feels like?

Back not long ago I remember struggling to put on the jeans I that I loved wearing.

Get up in the morning, have a wash get dressed come downstairs to a wonderful coffee made by Becca pop toast in the toaster and look forward to the rest of the day.

Looking back. The calories that I was having per day was outstanding! Breakfast some would be over 700 Calories that is not even a full cooked either. How bad is that! Most of the Calories would be from the butter content that I was consuming. I would pile on the butter so much that is all I could taste. Was this a sign of insecurity? Or maybe the food didn’t look ok much in my eyes…

As soon as I finished my breakfast, I would sit down and get through nearly a liter of Coca Cola in around 20 minutes.

Yes that is one of these in just 20 minutes. No wonder I was always bloated.

Becca would get the children ready for school then we would pop the children to school. The school run always consisted of Becca taking the children up to their classes (Becca still takes the children and pick them from classes, but now it is for a different reason).

The next food rush would then come. Yes i would still be hungry. So we would go home. I would guzzle around another 2 liters of Coca Cola again. Eat another Bacon sandwhich and chocolate, sweets and other crap.

Why? Because it was what i was used to.

Then lunch would come and quite often it would be a “Meat Feast”. It would be loads of processed foods with high amounts of fats carbs and Calories. What were we looking at? There would be 2 rolls with 2 of these:

Then a cheese slice and 4 rations of bacon in each roll then we filled the plate with what ever chicken ingredients that were in the freezer. Then another guzzle of Cola.

Then pick up the children from school. Come home, have another 3/4 cans of cola then eat again. Drink more and more.

Finaly after around 7000 calories of food and drink, we would go to bed. Get up in the morning and do it all over again.

How sickening.

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