Eating out? What do I do to continue loosing weight? No Willpower

Being at home temptation is non existent (apart from the Takeaway I wanted tonight, but still did not order). I can get through a day easy living on 1680 Calories to loose weight and go to bed and do it all again tomorrow.

The issue I have is when we are not at home. By this I mean hospital appointments, vaca’s and traveling.

Now Becca has a different approach. Becca can eat the bare minimum needed (with lots of self control) but me. I am like a stumbling garbage canister. Eating every in my way. Drinking Cola etc.

Take my food whilst we were away. I had a triple chicken combo from Harvester, mash pie & pea’s. don’t get me wrong. The food was really nice on that day. Actually the two days food were nice. However the calorie intake to be honest was shit. I easily hit 3k in one day. That’s how bad food is when I am not at home.

Do you have any tips on eating better whilst out? Let me know below

Overall I put on 4.5 lbs 😭 time too loose that now.

Thanks for reading. 

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