Eating at a buffet. Too much for your money?

Over the weekend we unfortunately landed up in some buffets. Totally unavoidable because that was basically breakfast.

It was Wiggles 8th birthday and the open of Chessington World of Adventures and breakfast was a buffet at the resort hotel.

Eating REALLY good for months has seriously helped me loose some weight. Pretty happy about that, but when you are at a buffet things kind of just happen right?

I had one plate for my meal which included mushrooms, bacon and sausage. Some scrambled egg and tomatoes (2 quarts)  then I had a round of toast with no butter 📛. Sounds like a massive amount I know. It filled me up and that’s what was good for breakfast.

Now I am a people watcher. Not a stalker btw. I noticed that people were piling up their plates and eating like tomorrow was not coming. Full mounds of food piled high on plates. OK so they are on holiday. They have paid for it so why not take advantage of the food on offer. Then they go and get seconds, thirds, fourths AND fifths. Wow. Where do people store it?

So my burning question is, when at a buffet how much is too much? Is there too much? Let me know in the comments box below. ♨️

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