Recently I have been thinking. Yes it did hurt! Anyways, I love patriotism by all means. You should be happy and feel some love towards your home country. National Patriotism is not celebrated enough, think of all them disgusting people who have done bad things over the years to national monuments. That in itself is another story for another time.

Back to “Why I don’t use a national flag towel”. You often go on holiday and can never get a sunbed because of towels (another pet hate of mine). but quite often you can see that British people tend to use their home countries flag (Wales, England, Scottish or Irish). You never see a Union Jack on a sunbed.

Our children tend to have themed such as Hello Kitty and Spiderman (personal choice) but for one reason. The same reason I don’t have a Welsh flag towel.

By now I bet you are either really frustrated or simply cannot be bothered to read any more.

My reason for not wanting my national dragon on a towel is simply because when I shower (for example). To get dry my body¬†would HAVE to dry my body parts using my national flag and if you are like me, you don’t like the thought of your ass being dried using your national symbol. Using spiderman towel to clean my ass sounds fine for the simple reason as far as im concerned the amount of money we have spent on Marvel merchandise they can officially kiss my ass!

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