Being a Dad, 5 things that annoy the s**t out of all dads

Occasionally little things annoy me for no reason at all. Why? Because I am a DAD!

Us dads get a lot of abuse sometimes (Not so much me, however a lot of dads do), If it is being absent because of illness or not being there at the right times. For what ever reason you can get a really bad head because you are a dad! You can take that to the bank and bet on it my friend

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So what are dads good for?

  • Being around to get shouted at – When every day is a blah and a child wants to shout the best person to shout at is Daddy! Being a dad you will always shout at your child “Don’t shout at your mum/mom”!
  • If you ask mum and she is unsure, you are always a back up – Go and see what daddy says.
  • Taxi – We provide the best taxi service around, that my friend is a true fact.
  • Sports (Not me though because of illness) – Other Dads are great to play sports with. They help you learn about them and train you to the best of their knowledge, thinking that when you grow up
  • DIY – No I am not sexist or a misogynist but usually in a home if there is work to be done the dad will usually demand that they do it (Once again not me!).

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Lets talk about the things that MOST dad’s don’t like.

Here are the top 5

  1. Other Drivers – This is not a myth. Your Dad is the best driver in the world! You will preach this to your children until your lips go blue and they will ALWAYS agree. Unfortunately this is not the case all the times. Note to other drivers, If you drive like a numpty I WILL let you know one way or another.Car, Red, Driver, Gentleman, Affluence
  2. Listening to people moan – That friends is OUR job. We moan, we don’t like other people doing it, especially when it is done in front of you. Sometimes you bite your lip and maintain the British way of living. Keep calm and carry on.Annoying, Brawny, Caricature, Comic, Exterminator
  3. The idiots in shopping centers that just halt! Yes for no reason at all. You are there with your baby/child and you just want to leave as soon as you can, all to get home and take off your clothes and get comfy. (Don’t deny that secretly you like it. It is not just you mums that can get comfy when you get home. Us guys like to as well..). Doris notices Betty and they say hi and just stop in the middle of the shop to talk about Maggie who died last week. My goodness if they are such good friends, surly a piece of cake and a natter at home or on the telephone (Maybe even SKYPE or Snapchat. Not that every gran has Snapchat. I don’t even have Snapchat but that’s not the point). My point is we just want to leave the store without tempers, tantrums and arguments. NO DAISY YOU ARE NOT HAVING A BAR OF CHOCOLATE!Abundance, Baked, Bakery, Bread, Buffet, Chocolate
  4. Long text messages – This one gets my goat. Being a Blogger means all my text goes into my blog. One way or another. If i get a text message asking me to do something or put something on the telly then YES IT IS OK to text back just one letter K. Why do you expect an explanation as to what EXACTLY I am doing. Aunt Martha sure as hell won’t want to know my toilet movements! That is for sure. SO why are we expected to send a MASSIVE message back. K should be sufficient right?Cell, Phone, Mobile, Technology, Modern, Communicate
  5. Asking for directions – This is an ongoing debate since cars were first made! Guys HATE asking for directions. This is not because we are all idiots, however most men don’t like to ask because it makes them feel less “Manley”. Personally if I need directions I will use the Sat Nav!

Do you agree with my list? Pop a message below to let me know

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