Why I don’t use a national flag towel #BeingaDad

Howdy! Recently I have been thinking. Yes it did hurt! Anyways, I love patriotism by all means. You should be happy and feel some love towards your home country. National Patriotism is not celebrated enough, think of all them disgusting people who have done bad things over the years to national monu

One year 365 days, 12 chapters. My 2017 goals. 

We are two months into 2017 so far. I’m 30 married with 2 children. This year I have so many goals that I would like to achieve. Some things I would love to do are unfortunately impossible and I will NEVER be able to do them. The two coming to mind are bungee jumping and […]

Why is there so much discrimination within this world when it is obvious that some things aren’t what they seem? Today’s blog is about being disabled and being discriminated against. 

I know you’re probably thinking that this is all about Donald J Trump however it’s not this is all about disabled people and the struggle but sometimes comes along when you look like an average whatever that means able-bodied person. So I’d like to just tell you little story that h