Can you imagine being kicked off a ride for being too fat? I did in 2009!

When I was at my biggest, We took a trip to Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey. We had an amazing time in the zoo area. We went mainly to take the children to the Zoo, however once there as you know you cannot leave without going on at least one ride.

I waited in line for ages waiting to go on this one ride. I cannot remember the name of it. Patiently waiting to go on the ride, there were a lot of teenagers waiting as well, You know when they start whispering about you (You just get that feeling). Anyways being an adult I just brushed it off and continued to be the fat jolly man waiting to go on the ride.

By now the weather was really hot and I had problems breathing any ways, however I continued to wait. Getting really warm, sticky and uncomfortable I finally got to the front.

The person in front of me got on the ride. I awaited for my turn to go on. The ride looked great. People were having a good time and getting wet. Really buzzing about getting on the next go. The ride finished and yes it was my turn.

Walking to this ride i started to get either nervous or excited. I can’t remember if I was too frightened or maybe the thrill of going on the ride.

Sitting down I placed the safety bars on. Looking around all I remember was waiting ages. It seemed like a lifetime, however I remember sitting in the middle and the younger children were making fat jokes about the guy sitting in the middle seat. Laughing in my head I still sat there and took all the jokes.

All of a sudden we were told to get ready for the ride to start the *BAM* The ride made a massive clunk. Everyone got worried, then all of a sudden a member of staff came over and said Sir, you are too big for this ride. You will have to leave. OK so it was time for the “Fatty” to get off the ride. Feeling humiliated already I took that Walk of Shame off the ride. Feeling really emotional already, the ride continued without me.

Looking back YES I was most probably the biggest guy on the ride. Look below for a photo taken back in 2009 (At Chessington).

So there we have it. This guy was too big to go on a ride!

Thanks for reading

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