Another Bullying issue happened at the same school but this time involved a child cornering my daughter talking about SEX!

So as you know I posted earlier about our daughter in school. Well this is another stomach churning tale to tell you.

Last year was to be honest a shitty year when it came to Bullying.

Our daughter has time off from school to go to the hospital to talk about her spine and medical issues. So receiving this Bullying story I was purely mortified.

Daughter came home crying from school. Now this is very hard to write because it takes away the innocence of a child. When we were told this we were absolutely mortified.

Our daughter came home, we accidentally played a song in the car and it was call sex. So we quickly tried to turn the song over and out came of her innocent little mouth “I know what sex means”.

Both mine and Becca’s mouth just dropped not sure what to say we just looked at each other in amazement. How could our child know one single words that changes you from a child to an adult.

Looking in disbelief we had to ask the next question how do you know what that word means. Then all of a sudden our daughter got very upset and got very quiet very quickly.

She started telling the story about student X. “When I was in the yard student X started talking to me”.

“I was playing with my friends when he grabbed me and pushed me into the corner, student axe told me about sex, they tell me absolutely everything about sex, I didn’t really like it”
So we both asked did you tell the teacher. I daughter replied by saying I did try. 

I vented my anger as you know on Facebook and unfortunately we had to explain to our daughter that at that age she should know nothing at all about that subject and that student x should not of said anything about it to her.

As I posted the angry face on Facebook I’m sure couple of people seen it somebody on Facebook not naming any names because otherwise I can get arrested and as you know I don’t really want to be arrested any time soon,  they thought they would give the headteacher a little acknowledgement that I was attending the school very angry and very bitter.

No surely any dads would be in the situation I mean taking your little daughters innocence away from her by some child that decides to tell her “all about it” Surly isn’t right.

Becca spoke to our daughter in private (away from her brother and me) and asked if she had any questions. To which I believe she said no.

The day after I drove up the school. Mad Dad 😡 face on. Into reception and there was the headmaster. He said “I’ve been waiting for you”. He knew I was going up the school because someone snitched me out telling the school we were coming.

To this day I will NEVER forget our daughters face when she told us about this. Our daughter was advised to simply stay away from student X. That’s where the story ended guys. Wow that was a long one! 

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