A trip to the Dentist. Poor little man


Something happened in school a couple of days ago with our son and unfortunately he lost half a tooth. We not sure as to why births he came home complaining of aching in his mouth.

So not sure what happened but the teacher advised my wife that our son was complaining of pain in his mouth.

So of the last 48 hours, my son has had a very close eye kept on him and made sure that he is okay and whatnot. We even had to get some extra Bonjella  just to make sure that The pain would go away in his mouth.

Enough was enough so my wife called the dentist yesterday to make an appointment for our sons teeth to be looked at. We called the NHS out of hours telephone number (0345 4647).

They told us that somebody will call back before 8 PM as they are a little busy today (this was yesterday by the way). So we waited for that telephone call back from The NHS dentist.

Sure enough the telephone rang around 745 last night and on the end of the telephone was the dentist. They advised us 30 would have to go down to see a dentist today providing there was any appointments and they would look as to whether it is his child teeth or if it was his adult teeth to make a decision as to what was happening next.

Other poor boy is only seven years old and next week is as a birthday yippee. His sister has read the Demon dentist by David Walliams. Sure enough she advised him not to read it as it is very scary and she said in her own words.

Apparently the book is about it which takes out teeth from children. Personally I’ve never read it but it does sound quite intriguing.

The diagnosis. Not tooth decay (we knew that anyway). The result was because of an irregular shaped tooth. So tomorrow we have to make an appointment for him to have his first ever tooth removed fm from the dentist. Will keep you updated!

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