3 Reasons why Spotted Bargains is better than its competitors. 


I case you didn’t know Becca started a website from home as a hobby. No other reason. Spotted Bargains was an idea initially because as the UK economy expands, so many other websites are offering the best “Deals” and promotions. However if you look carefully at some websites you can see that not only are they pushing certain retailers (because they get paid to) but their videos are scripted and noted carefully.

Now Becca took the idea of publishing Bargains from the day to day retailers and deliver them straight to the people who matter. Yes that’s right you!

Now Spotted Bargains does not have a massive following by any means. Yes the competition gets around 400k followers on Facebook and 10,000+ on twitter.

However. These websites RELY on you, the front end customer who part with your hard earned cash. So with that being said let’s start  “3 Reasons why Spotted Bargains is better than its competitors”.

  1. Competitive websites rely on members of the public posting Bargains on their wall. Take for instance HotUKDeals. I love the website. However after it became a big name in the U.K.  People couldn’t stop posting, arguing and getting banned because initially it is a forum. Very simple to set up. Becca’s site has an amazing algorithm that can directly post 350+ Bargains a minute to the website. No customer interaction needed.
  2. People get paid to let you know about Bargains. Yes this is the case. Some retailers will pay 10k or MORE if you send them enough traffic. There have been instances where people have saved enough to become self sufficient and RETIRE. Becca does not!
  3. Technology behind the scenes. Many competitors simply build a forum either from WordPress or Vanilla, install Skimlinks. Go on Facebook. Pay £10 a day advertising and bam. Voila. You make £30 a day. That makes you £10 a day profit. Spotted Bargains does not. Ok in a certain way that is true. Becca has a designated WordPress Server. Pays a monthly amount for hosting. Yearly for the domain and yes. Being transparent I can honestly say that we do have Skimlinks installed. Why lie or even hide it? However we have a secret weapon. Back in 2004 Becca took a class in ICT. Learned PHP and HTML and now Becca has the means to bring to you, using complicated algorithms php & xml straight to WordPress and to your screens. Becca has excelled in making this site a simple to use site that ONLY produces you the best Bargains.

So there you have it! That’s why Spotted Bargains is the way it is.

Pop over hand have a look at https://spottedbargains.com

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