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Being a Dad
Disabled Dad!
  • London you Beautiful City
  • The cheapest way to stay at Alton Towers
  • Becca's 30th Birthday (The Hotel)
  • Our daughters wheelchair is here!
  • May Bank Holiday's are here! Our Plans
  • Turning into an old man! What is going on?
  • Some bad news at the hospital today for our daughter!
  • Our daughter needs help. Can you please help by a small donation?
  • 3 Family must do things in London this Easter
  • Living with an "Invisible" Disability 3 things that get my goat
  • Happy Mothers Day!
  • Rushing to get home today for a spot on Heart radio
  • Becca has a few Laughs on YouTube! Can you solve this?
  • My New Blog Look
  • When We Visited Alton Towers with the Roller-coaster Restaraunt
  • Kris's Blog
  • Review - Chessington World of Adventures Safari Hotel
  • Eating at a buffet. Too much for your money?
  • Poor Mr Wiggles
  • Why I don't use a national flag towel #BeingaDad
  • The School Run - Who is more prepared?
  • A trip to the Dentist. Poor little man
  • Visit to the Hospital today 120 miles of pure fun! We got a diagnosis!
  • Eating out? What do I do to continue loosing weight? No Willpower
  • Fulfilling one of my dreams. It has come true and I now can say I did it!
  • Back on the Weight Wagon! Gotta Do it MR!
  • One year 365 days, 12 chapters. My 2017 goals. 
  • Another Bullying issue happened at the same school but this time involved a child cornering my daughter talking about SEX!
  • I NEVER post this personal to home. But we need to eradicate Bullying. Same school different bullying tactic!
  • That's a Wrap! Nope nothing to do with the Grammys! Pure Food
  • Bloody hate Sundays! But there is a good side to them. When Becca cooks really nice food. 
  • Merlin Annual Pass... What Now?
  • Being a Dad, 5 things that annoy the s**t out of all dads
  • Shaming Mobile Phone providers taking advantage of the average phone user
  • Why is there so much discrimination within this world when it is obvious that some things aren't what they seem? Today's blog is about being disabled and being discriminated against. 
  • Why the lettuce scandals is not affecting me one bit. Not even the courgette or broccoli. 
  • Hands up who stayed sober for dry January. Here are 100 other ways to say your drunk 
  • The guide to Fortitude season two. No Spoilers. 
  • Weightloss & I'm Loving it (No McDonalds in sight By the Way). This week's blog overview
  • Disabled Dude Visiting Alton Towers 
  • Living with Endocarditis - Why it has changed my life
  • Why The Muslim Ban is not as clear as it sounds.
  • 3 Reasons why Spotted Bargains is better than its competitors. 
  • Nesta Carter fails a dope test. Usain Bolt ⚡️ loses his medal! More here
  • That time I was in the store. I dropped 20p and the old lady behind threatened to call the cops. 
  • RIP Jimmy Snuka #JimmySnuka #RIPJimmySnuka
  • Can you imagine being kicked off a ride for being too fat? I did in 2009!
  • Ever wondered what being 22 stone feels like?
  • Playing Family Games? Who wins do you decide?
  • If I was 15 #WhatIWouldITellA15YearOldMe ?
  • Brandon Block has left the #CBBUK House. 
  • Ever wondered why Red Ink is not used in schools any more to mark school reports? Read here
  • Ray J has left #CBB. Breaking News. 
  • Going a little mad today with food.
  • Making the BEST home made Chicken Skewers! Very Simple Recipe
  • The Cost of Eating Better, Financially & Mentally
  • Making Mamma Richens Sauce! The Recipe - Vegan and Vegetarian Sauce
  • Working in a meat factory. What really goes on behind your M&S Steaks compared to your ASDA Steaks?
  • Eating better - Welcome to 2017!